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One of the reasons contractors like our products the best is because it’s water based and is best applied when surfaces are damp. In no time at all, you can have the exterior of your home protected without compromising the appearance of your structure. Seal It Sealants is ideal for roof applications, concrete pavers, wood decks, and much more.

Our product dries clear, and only one application is needed to reduce mold, mildew, and algae growth on all your exterior surfaces. We stand behind our product and offer our vendors and licensed applicators a 5-year warranty on most of our sealants.

The benefits are endless when it comes to our waterproof sealant. After the application, your home’s exterior will be left with a beautiful and clean appearance. Protect your home and roof from damaging UV rays, eliminate dirt buildup, prevent fading, and reduce the need and cost of cleaning.


Roof Sealant – Matte Finish


ROOF MATTE is a water-based, siliconate solution designed to impart water repellency and stain resistance to a wide variety of concrete and aggregate surfaces. The siliconate reacts with the carbon dioxide in the air to form an insoluble water-resistant treatment within minutes after application. It does not change the appearance of the surface and resists mildew. A licensed applicator is recommended in applying.

5-gallon bucket covers

500 sq. ft. – $289.00

Roof Sealant – Mold Stop


MOLD STOP is a 100% acrylic roof tile sealer designed to protect from mildew and water damage. Mold Stop contains the latest in mildew prevention technology and a silicone additive to prevent water penetration. Mold Stop can also be applied to damp tile/mortar and protects for up to 5 years. A licensed applicator is recommended in applying.

5-gallon bucket covers

500 sq. ft. – $289.00

Pavers Sealant – Matte Finish


PAVER MATTE is a water-based, environmentally-friendly water-repellent sealant designed to seal pavers, driveways, and other concrete services. Paver Matte penetrates into the pores protecting against water damage, staining, and UV ray damage. Paver Matte may be applied to damp pavers, which allows for same-day cleaning and sealing. Paver Matte is perfect for sealing driveways, pavers, pool decks, and even brick. Paver Matte leaves an invisible appearance for those who prefer a more natural look without creating a slippery surface. A licensed applicator is recommended in applying.

5-gallon bucket covers

600 sq. ft. – $279.00

Paver Sealant – Paver Enhancer


PAVER ENHANCER is an environmentally-friendly, protective finish designed to seal and enhance the color of concrete pavers. Paver Enhancer penetrates into the surface and produces a tough, durable, clear film that will enhance the color of the pavers. Similar to its solvent-based counterparts, Paver Enhancer binds the joint sand and protects against water damage, staining, and UV ray damage. It also provides mildew protection and tremendous resistance against wear from both foot and vehicular traffic. Paver Enhancer may be applied to damp pavers, which allows for same-day cleaning and sealing. A licensed applicator is recommended in applying.

5-gallon bucket covers

510 sq. ft. – $299.00

Shingle Sealant – Shingle Lock

Shingle Lock Sealer


SHINGLE LOCK, a premium 100% acrylic sealer, deeply penetrates, rejuvenates, and safeguards asphalt roof shingles. Designed to permeate and secure the granules, Shingle Lock also offers protection against water damage, UV radiation, and mildew. Seal It Sealants’ Shingle Lock strengthens asphalt shingles and shields them from wind-driven rain and harmful storms. It is advised to apply the product when the roof is slightly damp. This sealer outperforms other products in its field. Shingle Lock should only be used by individuals or companies holding a valid roofing contractor’s license.

(Sales of this product are restricted to any operators unless possessing a ROOFING CONTRACTORS LICENSE.)

5-gallon bucket covers

500 sq. ft. – $389.00

Wood Sealant – Wood Duck


WOOD DUCK is a crystal-clear, water-based, non-yellowing, water repellant designed to penetrate, seal, and protect exterior wood surfaces from water damage. Wood Duck employs silicone technology, which produces long-lasting water repellency. It also contains an increased level of fungicide, which resists mildew growth in the harshest climates. A licensed technician is recommended when applying.

5-gallon bucket covers

500 sq. ft. – $295.00

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